Nouvelle publication sur le blog d'Amy Henderson, une illustratrice américaine :

j'ai apprécié le rédactionnel du post et les visiteurs anglo-saxon trouverons ici quelques infos !


August 10 2009

. . A Beautiful Memory.

01. Snapshot: Horsewoman in Circus

Claire of De Beaux Souvenirs is a French designer who began creating fanciful wire sculptures 2 years ago after discovering an old spool of wire in her barn. She has been collecting quite an assortment of antiques and vintage whatnots since she was age 15. Claire now incorporates many of these items in her work. The narrative nature of her work plus her playful illustrative style drew me in immediately.

02. New Carousel Mon Manege a Moi

She initially studied photography in Paris before becoming an art historian. De Beaux Souvenirs was birthed from a strong desire to stay near her husband and two young sons and avoid spending so much time on the road with her career. Claire and her family live in the Loire Valley south of Tours and Saumur.

The whimsical carousel above incorporates a vintage cake tin for the base, vintage fabric and a clever handmade white papier maché horse.

03. Wire Sphere Lamp

A pair of wire butterflies playfully dance in the middle of this light. The base is made of a simplistic piece of wood. Other elements include vintage box tree beads and a petite lampshade. The handformed wire type reads “Allons a la campagne et oublions Paris” which translates “Sweet ambiance”.

04. Neo Folk Owl
05. The Big Cat

At left is a sweet wire owl with handformed wire lettering near the wood base. It reads “La reine des bois” which translates “The queen of the forest”. The body of the owl is made of vintage lace with beautiful detailing for the eyes. The curious wire cat on the right is one of Claire’s very first designs.
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