Depuis quelques jours, 2 pièces de l'atelier sont sélectionnées dans les Guides d'Etsy, l'applique feuilles de chênes dans "Nostalgic Whimsy" et une corbeille pop dans " Slow food"  et en première ligne s'il vous plaît !!!

Allez jeter un coup d'oeil, il y a pleins de belles choses !

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Nostalgic Whimsy

Find the latest in chic essentials with a little help from our gift guides. Below you will find a selection of gifts and adornments that possess a nostalgic whimsy.

Nostalgic Whimsy

Spring: La Primavera

We are excited to highlight the lifestyle trend surrounding the slow food movement, the global, grassroots movement originating in Italy that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment. Slow Planet is taking the time to appreciate local farmers, gathering friends around a table, telling stories, and taking some “gratitude” time. We think appreciation and the time invested in a handmade meal is what Etsy is all about. Create a meaningful food experience from garden to table with each of the selections below.

Slow Food